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Strive Health are an award winning clinic based in Kirwan, Townsville and aim to provide high quality physiotherapy and medical services.

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The team at Strive Health offer a wide variety of services to women, men and children including complete health assessments, full vaccination services, weight management and exercise programs, and support with the management of chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, or high blood pressure. Strive Health are more than happy to work closely with other medical specialists and hospitals, and can assist you in accessing Medicare funded services relevant to your specific needs including dieticians, exercise physiologists, and psychologists. Strive Health has recently won an award for these services.

Strive Health are also able to assist with Work and Insurance medicals, and provide home visits, nursing home visits, and palliative care services.

Strive Health are located at 5 Thuringowa Drive Kirwan, Townsville. To arrange an appointment with one of our team, just call (07) 4773 6133.

Myotherapy & Massage Therapy Offer Multiple Treatment Options

ScreenHunter_180 Oct. 30 12.43Myotherapy Glen Waverley is a premiere provider of therapeutic massage and myotherapy. Patients are familiar with massage therapy, but few are cognizant of what myotherapy encompasses, the benefits that can be derived, or the distinction between the two. Myotherapy is a range of manual, hands-on techniques that includes massage, along with methods that embrace trigger point therapy, dry needling, manual manipulation and joint mobilisation.

Myotherapy experts may utilize complementary therapies that encompass prescription exercise such as clinical Pilates, nutritional advice and counseling, along with ultrasound, electrotherapy and naturopathic methods. The therapies are effective for alleviating pain, maintaining motion and mobility, addressing sports injuries and problems associated with chronic diseases.

The techniques are effective in reducing inflammation that causes swelling and pain. They sooth the nervous system and improve circulation. The techniques stimulate the body’s immune system and remove toxins that can impair the body’s ability to heal itself. Myotherapy and therapeutic massage relieves tension related conditions and reduces the potential for future injuries.

The methods are effective for rehabilitation following surgical interventions, retraining muscles and maintaining tone and strength during lengthy recuperations. Range of movement, flexibility and mobility is increased. Massage and myotherapy provide an extensive range of options for treating sports injuries and are utilized by world-class athletes to enhance their performance during competition.

Myotherapy methods are safe for expectant mothers and address the pain and discomfort that’s a normal part of pregnancy. It’s effective for post-delivery problems associated with nursing and assists women return to their pre-pregnancy conditioning. Myotherapy treatments promote restful and restorative sleep essential for health and mental acuity.

The practice’s physiotherapists focus on easing the pain of patients, restoring functionality and improving mobility. Myofascial release, trigger point therapy and cupping are also techniques that can be employed for overuse and soft tissue injuries. Myotherapy is an effective treatment for relieving muscle spasms and tension headaches.

A multitude of associated conditions are present with chronic disease syndromes. Myotherapy and therapeutic massage are effective treatments that are often overlooked by patients with conditions ranging from diabetes and fibromyalgia to spinal stenosis and cystic fibrosis. Myotherapy techniques encompass treatments for injuries, rehabilitation, chronic disease and issues related to pregnancy and nursing.

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Physical Healthcare Provides Patients with Head-to-Toe Services

Physical Healthcare is a primary physiotherapy practice that combines premiere therapies with a core group of ancillary medical and psychological services for a one stop health and wellness solution. Patients who need a physiotherapist in Sydenham can schedule an appointment by phone or online.

physiotherapy-preston-300x225The physiotherapists offer treatment, management and rehabilitation programs tailored to the individual. The clinic has services specially designed for treating injuries, facilitating rehabilitation, recuperating following surgical procedures, and addressing chronic conditions. Patients have multiple options from which to choose that best accommodates their needs and requirements. The clinic specializes in sports medicine and works with multiple sports teams.

Physiotherapy encompasses an extensive array of therapies. Exercise is at the core of maintaining mobility and range of movement. The practice’s clinical Pilates programs develop core and pelvic floor strength, improve balance and enhance sports performance. Flowing movements help ease pain, strengthen the back and aids in preventing future injuries.

For patients that may have difficulty performing the necessary therapeutic movements, hands-on manual manipulation and mobilisation is offered. The therapies are beneficial in retraining muscle groups following surgery and during rehabilitation. The methods prevent atrophy and are effective in treating neurological conditions.

Dry needling is an ancient practice utilized in Chinese medicine to reduce inflammation, ease pain and accelerate healing. It’s effective for treating deep muscle groups, releasing tension in knotted muscles and alleviating muscle spasms.

Hydrotherapy utilizes warmed water to support patients while they perform movements that might be impossible on dry land. Water gently supports the body and is a valuable therapeutic tool for those with joint conditions and a variety of chronic diseases.

The clinic offers therapeutic massage to enhance sports performance, ease pain, and aid in rehabilitation. It’s effective for conditions involving nerves, muscles and associated soft tissues. The therapy helps eliminate toxins from the body, stimulates the immune system and augments the body’s healing abilities.

Physical Healthcare provides patients with an array of complementary services from specialists that include:

  • Podiatry and orthotic devices
  • Registered dietician and nutritional consultations
  • Speech pathologist
  • Psychologist
  • Osteopathy for diagnosing medical conditions, diseases and ailments

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Nail Conditions are a Common Condition for Melbourne Podiatrists

clip_image_nail_01Sandringham Podiatry Clinic has become a preferred destination for patients experiencing foot problems, especially those involving the nails. The practice utilizes hands-on examinations and the latest technological developments to pinpoint the exact cause of pain and dysfunction. Treatment is available for feet and related conditions that affect the extremities and lower back.
One of the most common patient complaints involves the toenails. From fungal, bacterial and viral infections to ingrown toenails, patients can receive relief from pain and conditions that accompany chronic disease. Corrective nail surgery is available when needed to address problems that are especially dangerous for those with chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions.
A problem in one part of the body often appears as pain in an entirely different location. The clinic uses a whole-body approach to alleviate pain from chronic conditions, sports injuries and misalignments. To accurately diagnose a variety of conditions, the practice employs video gait analysis technology. Patients are assessed as they walk, jog and run to detect anomalies, abnormalities or problems with proper alignment.
Shockwave therapy utilizes specific sound waves to accelerate recoveries and is used to treat an extensive array of conditions. It’s effective in stimulating and enhancing the body’s own healing mechanisms for cell generation and pain relief. It can be used for any soft tissue injury and to dissolve painful calcium deposits.
The practice treats children and adults of all ages. The clinic’s podiatrist can treat existing problems and detect potential areas of concern before they cause lifelong damage. Children are assessed for a variety of conditions that include feet that bow in or out too far, high and low arches, and knock-knees and bowlegs.
Feet support the weight of the body and for people who spend significant amounts of time standing that can translate into considerable pain. Depending upon the work environment, people may tend to rest their weight and walk on the sides of their feet or heels. That can result in pain in the knees, hips and lower back. Orthotic devices can be prescribed to align weight more evenly and alleviate pain.
Sports-related injuries can be especially painful and require specialized methods of treatment and rehabilitation to return feet and limbs to their prior vigor. Patients have access to an extensive variety of therapies and treatments to relieve pain and inflammation, heal the injury and enhance performance. Clients will also learn ways to help prevent future injuries.
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Orthotic Devices Encompass much more than Shoe Inserts

OrthoticsOrthotic devices have undergone significant changes and modern technologyhas made it possible to create orthotics and an array of supportive devices that are unobtrusive and extremely precise. Orthotics encompasses shoe inserts, spinal bracing and supports for the extremities in conditions ranging from repetitive strain injuries to misalignments.

An orthotic device provides solutions for people with conditions that include poor foot alignment, deformities and pain in virtually any part of the body.Pain in one part of the body can often originate in an entirely different location. Modern analytic methods allow orthotic professionals to create custom devices quickly and efficiently to remedy a variety of conditions.

Individuals with heel spurs, heel pain, repetitive motion injuriesand joint instability can benefit from orthotics and/or compression therapy. The devices support the affected body part and provide relief from pain. Depending upon the needs of the patient, orthotics can be prescribed to facilitate increased functionality or restrict movement so injuries can heal.

An orthotic is often a key element in rehabilitation and for preventing future injuries. They increase range of motion, stability and functionality. They relieve painful conditions, making them equally appropriate for those with joint dysfunction such as arthritis.

Many individuals have varying degrees of scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that can be corrected with the use of a spinal orthotic device. It’s a condition that’s common in adolescents when they begin experiencing growth spurts during puberty. For those with spinal injuries and fractures, an orthotic can mean the difference between disability and mobility.

Mass produced orthotic devices are available at numerous supply houses and pharmacies, but they don’t provide the custom contours and protection of a custom created orthotic. Patients undergo comprehensive assessments to ensure that their prescription and device is customized to address their specific needs and requirements.

In many instances, orthotic devices augment the results of chiropractic and other services. They provide relief for people in occupations that require extended standing and sitting, and can help with enhanced sports performance. An orthotic is effective in helping patients counteract the increased stress on their bodies that occurs when they’re overweight.

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Modern Braces Repair Alignment Issues without Metal and Wires

dentistIn the past, braces have been the bane of a teen’s existence and few adults would willingly undergo the often painful process of straightening their teeth. With the services offered at Grey Street Dentist, anyone can have straight teeth and a beautiful smile without an unsightly metal and wire apparatus.

Invisalign® braces are the modern method of aligning teeth that’s virtually invisible to others. The technique utilizes a series of custom made plastic aligners that are changed approximately every two weeks. Similar to tooth whitening trays, Invisalign® braces can be used to address a variety of typical misalignment problems.

The Invisalign method addresses the physical realignment of teeth and the psychological issues associated with wearing traditional braces. Teens want to fit in and the Invisalign® system enables patients of all ages to obtain straight teeth without anyone else knowing. The invisible trays fit over an individual’s regular teeth.

The modern method of straightening teeth is comfortable, convenient and the cost is comparable to traditional braces. Unlike metal and wire braces, Invisalign® trays can be removed anytime for brushing and flossing and there are no restrictions on what individuals can eat. Patients only visit the dentist every four to six weeks for the next series of aligners.

Invisalign® braces can be used to treat an extensive variety of dental problems, from overbites and underbites, to crooked and protruding teeth. The technique is effective in closing gaps between teeth, and treating open bite and cross bite conditions. While Invisalign® is an effective treatment technique, some individuals have dental conditions or habits that don’t make them good candidates for Invisalign®.

Straightening the teeth is an important aesthetic concern, but straight teeth also promote health. When left untreated, some orthodontic conditions can lead to more serious problems. Neatly aligned teeth help prevent cavities, gum disease and infections. An oral infection can lead to or affect other conditions that include diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia and stroke.

Invisalign® braces provide the means for dental professionals to straighten teeth without pain or bulky metal and wire constraints. They’re unobtrusive, allowing people to enjoy a beautiful, more confident smile at any age.

For more information about the dentist St. Kilda, the practice can be reached by phone at 03 9534 4017.

QV Physiotherapy Offers a Two-Pronged Approach to Treatment

therapistQV Physiotherapy brings a unique perspective to the clinic’s treatments and how it helps patients. The Physiotherapy Melbourne practice takes a two-fold approach of eliminating pain first and developing a plan of treatment that restores and prevents future injuries.

Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual and their specific needs. The clinic has earned a superior reputation for the treatment and management of injuries in the workplace and sports arena, and spinal pain arising from multiple sources.

Multiple therapies are available to restore motion, rebuild strength, and hasten recoveries and rehabilitations. To treat existing injuries and prevent future problems, it’s important that patients know the facts about their injury, dysfunction or disability. Patients receive education about their condition and how to avoid potential problems in the future.

Techniques encompass manual manipulation, massage and trigger point therapy, along with dry needling, electrotherapy and myofascial release. The practice offers muscle re-education, stretching and ultrasound to relieve pain, restore mobility and correct dysfunction in virtually any location within the body.

To facilitate rehabilitation, the clinic provides conditioning and strengthening programs, Pilates and post-surgical techniques are specifically designed to address the challenges of patients who have undergone surgical interventions.

Physiotherapy methods treat acute and chronic conditions, overuse injuries and joint pain, along with strains, sprains and damaged ligaments and muscles. Therapeutic methods aren’t just for injuries. Services are available for those in need of relief from stress and anxiety.

Therapists are trained to provide information on ergonomic solutions to facilitate mobility in the home and work environment. Accommodations can be made that enable people to move more freely and navigate their work and home spaces better and without injury.

Physiotherapy programs can be developed to assist those training for marathons and triathlon events, along with physically demanding contests that include Iron Man and Tough Mudder competitions. Programs build strength, endurance, and help prevent injuries while participating.

For more information, the practice can be reached by phone at 9650 4149 or visit QV Physiotherapy online.

Monteith Physiotherapy Offers Multiple Health Benefits

therapyMost individuals tend to think of physiotherapy as a treatment for injuries. While therapies are important elements to address injuries and rehabilitation needs, therapeutic massage at Monteith Physiotherapy is one of the most versatile therapies available to treat pain, improve athletic performance and enhance beauty.

Therapeutic massage relieves stress that affects the body and mind. It alleviates tightness in muscles and soft tissues for greater flexibility and productivity. Stiff, sore muscles can slow reaction times and lead to injuries.

Massage techniques are especially beneficial for recreational and professional athletes at all levels of ability. The therapy enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury. It’s a training method that athletes around the world have embraced and use regularly.

People who are stressed often clench their teeth during the day and grind them at night, leading to headaches and pain in the jaw, neck and shoulders. Massage therapy relieves stresses in those areas and reduces pain for increased levels of alertness.

Science has demonstrated that massage has the ability to counteract and manage anxiety and depression. It improves intellectual reasoning, improves the mood and is beneficial for women experiencing the effects of PMS. It energizes the body, addresses insomnia and promotes restorative sleep for a boost in brainpower.

Massage therapy enhances blood flow that can result in lowered blood pressure and assists in managing digestive disorders. Multiple studies have demonstrated that massage enhances the immune system to better fight illness and disease. Therapeutic massage stimulates tissue regeneration and is beneficial for those with scar tissue.

The cosmetic effects of therapeutic massage have been documented, but few patients are aware of the benefits. Massage aids the body’s lymphatic system in purging toxins from the body. Increased circulation reduces the appearance of tired skin and dull hair for a more youthful looking appearance. It aids in concealing fine lines and wrinkles that make people look older than their chronological age.

Massage therapy provides greater concentration and clarity, eases stress and rejuvenates the skin. It’s an effective treatment for managing pain without the use of prescription medications and provides a whole body approach to mental and physical health.

The clinic can be reached by phone at 02 9252 2433 or by visiting their practice online.

Mackie Road Clinic – Immunizations for International Travel

doctor (2)Mackie Road Clinic has been a preferred medical services destination for families for more than 50 years. The practice is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, demonstrating the clinic’s commitment to quality care and safety. The medical clinic East Bentleigh experts are passing on their knowledge to future generations as an accredited teaching facility for medical students and GP Registrars.

Vaccinations and immunizations are one of the most important services offered at the clinic. Outbreaks of new diseases and even those once thought to be virtually eradicated continue to surface. The practice provides vaccinations for hepatitis A, polio, typhoid, diphtheria and whooping cough (pertussis). Immunizations are available for children and adults.

For those planning on international travel, the clinic provides advice on vaccines that are needed and information on potential illnesses that may be encountered. Some prescription medications are illegal in certain countries. Patients can coordinate with the practices clinicians to determine what they can take, obtain needed refills and advice on traveling safely with medications.

A variety of pathology services are offered, from ECGs and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring to a comprehensive array of diagnostic tests. Cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels can be tested and monitored for on-going health concerns.

Integrative medicine options are available to treat disease and imbalances in the body, rather than just the symptoms. Many complimentary methods can be employed to treat conditions ranging from asthma, children’s behavioral difficulties and diabetes to gastrointestinal issues, menstrual disorders and chronic conditions.

Individualized clinics address gender specific concerns from erectile dysfunction and prostate problems to mental health issues. Clinics provide treatment for contraception, menopause and mood disorders. Cancer clinics are also conducted to identify the disease in its early stages and develop a management program.

Patients have access to a trained dietitian to help with nutritional needs arising from eating disorders and chronic diseases to food intolerances and allergies. Nutrition therapy assists patients manage their food consumption to alleviate a wide range of food-related problems.

Anti-wrinkle injections provide patients with a more youthful visage. The technique offers an anti-aging solution for individuals with fine lines and wrinkles and deep creases. The face is a reflection of inner thoughts, but the lines and wrinkles of aging skin often gives the face the appearance of a perpetual frown or bad mood. Anti-wrinkle injections are an effective means of looking younger and more vibrant.

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Physical Therapy Treats TMJ Pain and Prevents Reoccurrences

TMJ and jaw pain is a common complaint and a condition with which jaw pain Carnegie can help with a variety of therapeutic techniques. In its mildest form TMJ dysfunction is annoying, but in advanced stages it causes severe pain and the jaw can lock making it impossible to open or close the mouth.

The early symptoms of TMJ often go unnoticed. Individuals may wake with a headache, jaw or facial pain, or discomfort that extends into the neck or shoulders. A common symptom of TMJ disorder is a popping or clicking sound in the jaw when chewing. TMJ disorder often goes undiagnosed and sufferers believe it’s something they must learn to endure.

TMJ affects more women than men and has multiple sources. Many people are causing their TMJ pain and don’t even know it. Anyone who engages in nocturnal teeth grinding or who clench their teeth during the day are often beset with TMJ pain. Nail biting, dental work and even chewing hard foods can precipitate TMJ disorder.

Other causes of TMJ pain include arthritis, sports injuries and the deployment of air bags in vehicle accidents. Any blunt force trauma to the face can result in damage to the jaw joint. TMJ dysfunction can cause muscle spasms, swelling and pain in the ear region, and facial deformities.

Numerous physical therapy techniques are available to alleviate the pain of TMJ disorder and restore proper movement, without the use of prescription medications. Therapies can be used as stand-alone treatments or combined with complimentary methods. Hands-on joint mobilization is performed by a physical therapist to loosen and retrain the jaw joint in how to move correctly.

Therapeutic massage relieves pain in the jaw and surrounding soft tissues and works to relax the joint, allowing it to move freely. Dry needling is akin to acupuncture. It’s used to ease pain and release tension in the joint at specific trigger points. A system of specialized exercises will be prescribed to manage pain and restore movement that can be performed at home.

Sleep positions are just as important as proper posture to prevent TMJ disorder. Physical therapists will recommend pillows and sleeping positions that are conducive to restful sleep, while helping to avoid nighttime teeth grinding. Patients with TMJ aren’t alone and have multiple physical therapy options from which to choose. Therapy is focused on treating current episodes of TMJ and preventing them in the future.

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